A successful entrepreneur is not just business savvy but also a success in other areas of their lives because they apply the same characteristics.  It is a pattern that, once recognized, can be seen everywhere and in everything that you put your hand to. Here are a few examples of […]

What Are the Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur?

Chances are, when you hired your first virtual assistant, you were happy to hand off low-level tasks, such as posting to your blog, researching guest posting opportunities, and maintaining a spreadsheet or two. As you gain trust in your VA – or discover how much more efficient it is to […]

Work Less, Earn More By Outsourcing to a VA!

No two businesses are alike, and no two people are, either, so it’s tough to say “When X happens, hire a VA.” Some people will tell you to hire one immediately even if you’re just starting your business. Others will tell you to wait until you’re bringing in a profit. […]

5 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Hire a VA

Will That Be Cash, Check or Charge? Well… when it comes to your Virtual Assistant’s payment policy, the answer is probably neither! Most VAs prefer to receive online payments usually through a service like PayPal. Ask a dozen Virtual Assistants what their payment policy is, and you’ll very likely get […]

Payment Policy: How to Pay Your Virtual Assistant

Working with a virtual assistant typically involves a lot of back and forth communication, as well as transferring of images, files, and other information. How you handle this will be largely based on you and your VA’s personal preferences. Some people like to work informally with just email and phone […]

Project Management Tips For Working With VAs

Every home business owner would like to find a way to save time and increase productivity. Unfortunately, working from home often means that productivity can take a back seat to the million other things competing for our attention. These three sure-fire tips will help you work smarter, save time and […]

Work Smarter, Save Time & Increase Productivity